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Beautiful plants with full sets of flowers. Will produce fruit this summer. Will provide planting instructions and supplies including needed soil amendments for your soil.


  • Blueberries are picky about soil. They require one that is acidic, high in organic matter, and well-drained yet moist. pH should ideally be between 4 and 5.
  • Bushes should be planted in the early spring. If available, one to three-year-old plants are a good choice.
  • Space bushes about 5 feet apart.
  • Full Sun


In ground

  • In Virginia clay soils soils, mix 50% pine bark mulch and 1.5 cups Holy-tone organic fertilizer, with original soil, making mound, also mix in holly tone acidifier to ensure low pH
  • In sandy, acidic soils, mix fertilizer, pine bark mulch or peat moss into the hole
In pots
  • Blueberries do well in large pots
  • Potting soil for acid loving plants
  • Pine Bark Mulch + Holly-Tone


  • Mulch to keep shallow blueberry root systems moist, which is essential. Apply a 2-4 inch layer of woodchips, saw dust or pine needles after planting.
  • Supply one to two inches of water per week.
  • For the first four years after planting, there is no need to prune blueberry bushes. From then on, pruning is needed to stimulate growth of the new shoots that will bear fruit the following season.
  • Drape netting over ripening blueberries, so that the birds won’t make away with the entire crop.
  • Prune plants in late winter, preferably just before growth begins.