How Does the Len & Camera Rental Work?

The Lens & Camera rental is for local pick-up only. You select a rental period and date to rent individual camera bodies, lenses, gear, accessories, or packages. 

Please contact us with your planned pick-up time. 

What Are the Business Hours*?

Monday - Friday:          10 AM - 6PM

Saturday & Sunday:     12 PM - 5 PM

*Pick-up by appointment only


Do We Accept Walk-in Rentals?

Rentals are by appointment only, with orders completed in-advance through the online shop, but we do accept same-day appointments/rentals.

What Should I bring?

A valid form of payment, and a photo ID. We may at our discretion provide a padded carrying case for the gear, but proper transportation and handling of equipment is the customers responsibility, so plan accordingly.


Is There a Deposit?

Repeat customers will not be required to place a deposit, but first-time customers may be asked to place an additional deposit, which will be returned within 48 hours after the equipment is returned in good condition.


What Lenses are Compatible with What Camera Bodies?

To streamline equipment selection for our customers, we have Nikon line of products and a Canon line of products. For accessories please carefully read the description to see its compatibility. Compatibility can be demonstrated or tested prior to checking out item.