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They do best in full sunshine, but can tolerate some shade.

Find a spot in the yard that has sunshine and good drainage. Also, be sure to avoid areas with heavy clay soil or sandy areas. If you are afraid your soil isn’t up to par for growing blackberry bushes, you should add organic soil matter to improve aeration and facilitate drainage. Till the soil so that it is free from clumps and rocks. Remove any obvious insects, sticks and weeds. You can add things like compost, chopped hay or leaves to help make the soil the right consistency for planting blackberries. The soil pH should be between 5.5 and 7 for best results. Start planting blackberries as early in the spring as possible.

First-year canes begin ripening in mid-July, while second-year canes bear heaviest crops in June. Continues to fruit until frost. Everbearing primocane. Early season. Self-pollinating.